About Us

Pat and I both grew up in the mid-west—Vicki in Wisconsin and Pat in Iowa. We both developed a love for the outdoors and beautiful colorful scenery.

Pat and I have had a camera in our hands since high school. Combined, we have been taking pictures for over ninety years. More recently, in the past fifteen years, we have been traveling to many places in the world taking pictures of places and scenes that many people dream of and many people have seen but unfortunately taken just average pictures. Please visit out web-site and review some of our beautiful pictures.

Thanks to three of our children’s foreign assignments, we have been to many places in Europe, Australia, Canada and Mexico. That does not include the many tripe we have taken here in the United States.

In 2004 we had the pleasure of biking the Laure Valley in France for ten days seeing such sights as the chateaus at Chambord and Chenoncseaux. We also visited the burial place of Leonardo DeViche in Amboise. We have some very beautiful pictures from this trip. We also went on to Omaha Beach, Honfleur, St. Michele and Civarney the place where Monet did all of his painting.

We have been very fortunate to have traveled to Austria, visiting Vienna, Salzburg and a very beautiful small town named Hallstatt sitting on a small lake in the Alps. This trip in 2005 also include Munich and on up to Prague, Check Republic. We loved this area so much that we went back again in 2006 on another bike trip from Paseau, Germany down the Danube River to Vienna. From there we traveled by train to Budapest, which most people know is actually two cities—Buda and Pest.

Other overseas travels have included Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. Of all the places we have traveled Vicki’s favorite remains Stockholm, Sweden. But that has nothing to do with the fact that our son and granddaughter live there. However, the Old Town of Stockholm, Gomel Stan, truly is Vicki’s favorite place in the world.

Within the United State, we have taken outstanding pictures from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, watched the leaves turn from green to bright gold and yellow in Estes Park, Co., rode the Misty Main at Niagara Falls, and took a series of Light House pictures up the coast of Main.

Still one of our most memorable trips was a cruise from Vancouver to Seward, Alaska, enjoying whale breaching and glaciers calving. The greatest was taking a single engine plane from Talkitna, Al. and landing on a glacier in Mount McKinley—SPECTATULAR.

We still haven’t run out of places to go or sights to see or pictures to take.